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Meditation | Massage | Movement: Herbal Supplements and Super Nutrients for Mind Body Optimisation

healing_iconThe healing arts have been with us from the beginning of mankind, and can often be very powerful. All methods of healing support you in giving your body the attention it is crying out for.

If your mind-body-spirit responds to something you read or hear – then listen, as often there is a significant lesson which will help you to change and improve your way of thinking or your way of life, even if you are not sure how or why immediately!

Working with the healing arts can help you achieve mindful awareness and strengthen your ability to take advantage of the here and now, to enrich a sense of well-being and your life.

Mind, body and soul work can support your process of training your mind to pay attention to what helps you maintain a healthy balance daily. This is really important with the fast-paced lives many of us have in the west; stress is ever present. In fact, research bears out that 75% of cases of physical disease are caused by stress; this is before the degree to which mental health problems are on the increase too – particularly anxiety and depression.

The level of mind-body-soul connection achieved through whats on offer at Mandoras CHi House will support your growing awareness of how what you think and what you feel impacts directly on your physical health and vice versa, giving you greater control bio_research_iconover your mental and physical health. All illness has an underlying cause, whether it is psychological, physical, or a combination. We need to deal directly with the cause, not merely cover up our symptoms. Connectedness helps this process.


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Natural Healing show on UK Health Radio (  )
Every Thursday (GMT) @ 9am & 9pm
Discover the world of natural healing with Yara instigating engaging conversations with a variety of experts within the natural healing field.
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The Ajna Light works through a combination of ancient and modern scientific techniques. Using very powerful photic light stimulation to induce the same brainwaves states seen in advanced meditation practitioners. Read more

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PURE SPIRITS – Launching February 2017 an event dedicated to the open mind open heart community of conscious beings to gather and share knowledge, ideas, experiences, workshops, talks, taster, sessions. Dance and celebrate life… Sunday 10.30am – 18.30pm … Read more


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