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S T R E S S   M A N A G E M E N T    L I F E   S T Y L E   C O A C H I N G    H O L I S T I C   T H E R A P I S T
the vision and motivation to create an integrated healing system to change how we treat ourselves and our well-being…

People who come to Mandora’s Chi House understand that there is more to life than routine and often want to actively solve issues, progress and evolve to be the best they can be for themselves and with others. For people who want to achieve positive change in life, Mandoras Chi House offers new choices to improve your quality of life.

healing_01iconMandora has spent time in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia learning  local and regional healing and attending  many meditation retreats. His practice has evolved from taking care of what goes into his mind and body every day and through maximising his own well-being. His practice is therefore, based on direct experience as much as study.

yoga_iconHaving a passion for dance Mandora has an eclectic learning of dance, from: Kathak classical Indian through to jazz and hip hop. He believes that movement has an incredible power to restore energy and vitality. Learning Indian dance with Guru Pratap Pawar, has contributed to understanding the importance of posture, expression and movement. Mandora can help you learn subtleties in the healing arts which can have fundamental impacts on your health and well-being.

yoga_icon03He has also practiced martial arts from Wing Tsun Kung Fu to Muay Thai and Selat Pechat. Mandora has a love of yoga and counts himself as blessed to have had some great teachers of Kundalini and Hatha, whose wisdom and experience he has integrated into his life.

yoga_icon01His workshops have included breathing, strength and stability techniques developed from these experiences. Various meditation experiences complements these practices with a deeper understanding of mind-body connection. Mandora understands how dance, martial yoga_icon02arts and movement stimulate the body’s nerve endings, how these then send signals to the brain, producing some of our naturally occurring ‘happy drugs’, such as endorphins and serotonin. For these very reasons, students of movement workshops have given glowing endorsements of how his teachings have helped them.

Underpinning this commitment to physical well-being, Mandora has also studied anatomy and is committed to understanding the impact of movement on physical well-being. For instance, did you know we have 72,000 nerve endings front our head to our feet, all of which play a major part in our well-being?

His combined interests in martial arts dance and yoga have helped him develop a practical understanding of the human body and movement. This knowledge and experience was subsequently complemented with studying massage over ten years ago in the north of Thailand

massage_iconMassage, which acts on these nerve endings in skin has been a part of his native Indian culture for millennia. ‘Seva’, the practice of family members offering massage as a form of respect and duty – especially the young to massage the elders and elderly – is common to the values of many Indians today.

massage_icon02Mandora was brought up with these traditions and was massaging people as far back as when he was 7 years old. From this informal intuitive training with his relatives, he later undertook formal training. From these combined experiences, Mandora has developed an approach which is both intuitive and holistic.In particular, Mandora learnt the ancient wisdom and understanding of Burmese and Thai massage.

knowledge_iconOver the years many amazing teachers have also contributed to his breadth of understanding of mind-body connectedness and best practice. To integrate physical practice with developing a healthy mind-set, Mandora has also attended self development  seminars by Anthony Robbins and the Landmark Education System. He regularly updates his knowledge via books, audio, videos and is totally committed to providing his clients and students with the highest quality mind-body-health support..

Increasingly, Mandora is also developing ongoing expertise in nutrition, herbal and plant medicine

To summarise, in his own words: “I believe the interconnected philosophies and arts are eastern and western treasures which when practised with the right guidance can help us to progress and overcome any obstacles we face daily. Like many of my clients, I see continual education as a way of life and I am committed to helping others in their personal development and growth through movement, massage, meditation and nutrition through personalised treatments offered at Mandoras Chi House.

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