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At Mandoras CHi House, we get to know you as an individual person. We look at integral aspects of your physiology and work with you to remove obstacles, stresses and negativity that maybe holding you back from reaching your optimum efficiency, happiness and health. The massage, meditation and movement therapies and products on offer at Mandoras CHi House will help you to rediscover, reinvent and empower you to achieve a heightened sense of well -being and improve your lifestyle.

I do not believe that a clinical environment is necessarily the best place to produce positive results and for me to understand the many factors that may have an influence on your circumstances, I need to understand your environment, therefore it is beneficial for us to meet in the comfort of your own home where you are most relaxed and can be yourself in your sanctuary.

Initial consultations which includes a bio resonance assessment, an open discussion about what you would like to achieve and any issues you may be having, some breathing techniques meditation and massage. The combination of these help me to understand your mind and body and can take up to 2hrs and costs £150.00. If you are interested in booking please use the link below and once the purchase has been made I will contact you to arrange a convenient time for me to come and spend time with you.  Please bare in mind there are only 2 bookings available per day and a minimum of 7 days bookings are made in advance.

Initial Consultation Price £150.00


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